Sip Sip Hurray

Paring the best chocolate imported from Italy with great quality wine makes a gift that says more than words ever could!

Artisanal techniques, inimitable taste and a unique style, all made in Tuscany, are the distinctive features that make Amedei’s chocolate renowned all over the world. The promise of the highest quality meets the emotion of their unconditional dedication, making Amedei the ambassador of a culture of chocolate that encompasses pairing and tasting.

This basket includes

Gift box Chocolate - Amedei - Tuscany1: Tablet Porcelana - 1 Tuscan tablet Black 70 - 1 Tuscan Tablet Brown - 1 Hazelnut cream - 7 Tuscan harmonies | Fondant chocolate pralines - 6 Tuscan harmonies | White chocolate pralines - 1 granted hatchet and hazelnuts - 1 praise dark and almond
Bottle of Imagery Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
2 Stemless Glasses