Gabriel Glass Boxed Set of 2

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Gabriel-Glas, the stunning “One for All” universal wine glass that is ideal for any style of wine, makes a fabulous gift.
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The glass is specifically designed to fully express the qualities of red, white and sparkling wine – any wine — served in the vessel.  The set of two wine glasses of the StandArt glass makes a great gift for wine aficionados, and the Gold Edition blown glass will impress even the most discerning wine lover.

Gabriel-Glas is broader at the base of the bowl, allowing for the wine it holds to have more surface to air contact, and it has a conical shape at the top which captures and drives the aromas.  Many top sommeliers, winemakers and industry insiders around the country are gravitating to Gabriel-Glas because of the way it delivers the aromas and flavours of the wine served in the glass.

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