Mocha Old Fashioned Ginger Cocktail

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Chilly, dark nights call for a little indulgence. On the rocks or in a cocktail, this luscious blend of chocolatey cacao nibs, rich dark roast coffee beans, sweet orange and aromatic sugar is sure to make your life sweeter.
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Fill the cocktail infusion jar with the spirit of your choice and refrigerate. Let it infuse for 1-3 days, then strain and place liquid back in jar. Craft your cocktail using the recipe below or make up your own.

Getting Started: Add 1.5 oz Apple Hot Toddy infused spirit to mug. Top with hot apple cider. Add honey to taste and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Ingredients: Cacao nibs, coffee beans, orange, Angostura sugar. Suggest spirits: whiskey, bourbon, rum, vodka. Dry mix good for up to 1 year. Once infused, consume spirit within 30 days. Makes 8+ servings.

For a mocktail version of this cocktail kit, fill the jar with hot water. Let it cool in the fridge overnight. Pour over ice and add your mix of choice.

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