About us

This year’s catalog is the culmination of a year of incredible challenges and amazing perseverance by our BasketBelle family, and I couldn’t be prouder of the result. Within these pages you will find some of the most beautiful and impactful gifts BasketBelle has ever produced, including excellent new products and designs that you just can’t find anywhere else. We are so excited for these gifts to start bringing the joy for which they were intended!

While this past year has been challenging for all, I am pleased to report that BasketBelle has used this time to improve our business in ways that will ultimately benefit our customers.  We upgraded our back-end technology to allow us to execute at an even higher level, particularly with large and complex orders. Most importantly, we acquired a new flagship operating facility & head office which will be our home for years to come. Of course, we recognize that these successes could never be achieved without our incredible customers whose support we appreciate more than ever during these times. We will continue to make every effort to provide you with the very best customer service while delivering the finest gifts consisting of the highest quality products sourced here in Canada and around the world. Thank you for your incredible support!

From humble beginnings.

It all started as a creative outlet for computer engineer turned stay-at-home-mom Chelsie Hutchinson. Now, President & CEO, St. Albert based BasketBelle is a thriving boutique company specializing in custom gift baskets, unique presents, and home decor.

Chelsie always had the knack for finding clever gifts for those around her. 13 years ago, she was approached to create custom gift baskets for her friends’ realty clients. The baskets were so well received that her phone began to ring with requests to create the same personalized gifts for large corporate functions.  Soon, many businesses came calling, looking for the perfect gift for their Christmas parties, golf tournaments, charity fundraisers and many other special events.

Chelsie finds her unique products by scouring gift shows across North America. “It is important to me that I can provide my clients with current, fashionable unique items from around the world”, says Hutchison.  “It can be a challenge, but is also one of the most rewarding parts of this job.”

Crafting the perfect gift.

BasketBelle carries a variety of exclusive products — from gourmet food products, baby and toddler clothing gifts, and kitchen & home décor to a variety of personal products for both men and women. Take a personal shopping trip to BasketBelle, and you’ll see many of these exclusive products in person. Many more can be ordered from the in-store catalogue.

The creative process can be very rewarding. A lot of thought goes into the selection, presentation and coordination of the baskets and boxes. We pride ourselves of the professional quality of all the baskets we produce. We know that each gift we deliver will bring joy to those receiving it.

The key to success is meeting with clients to ensure we create for them their perfect gift. Our team understands that each person has unique preferences and a unique budget, and works to provide great gifts for each and every client. We enjoy meeting with clients and working with them to create the right gift, designed especially for them.

A gift for every occasion.

Christmas is the busiest time of year for BasketBelle. Many companies begin planning their festivities as early as August. This ensures that all product can be ordered on time, on budget and delivered as that Chelsie and her staff can meet deadlines.

Baby baskets, sympathy baskets, teachers gifts, and bridal showers are also very popular. You can also shop at BasketBelle for individual gifts and you will always leave with a unique item.

Personal shopping 

Personal shopping is done by appointment only. This personal service is valued by her clients. Many husbands are repeat shoppers and they have found exactly what the wanted for that special someone. Customer notes are kept, and all their favourite items and can be recalled whenever a gift is needed.

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BasketBelle was brought to life from the passion and dream of sharing the lived experiences, practices, and methodologies learned over the years. Our mission is to become an all encompassing source of expanded education and mentorship to those who seek to be inspired, motivated, and to advance their knowledge to create their own magic, dive deep into personal and professional development and have the tools to make their dreams become a reality.


  • To become a go-to source of expanded education & transferable skills
  • Building a supportive community 

To become a globally recognized source of expanded education and mentorship in the range of topics under the BasketBelle brand’s umbrella, while also prioritizing growth, inclusivity, and collaboration.


Here at BasketBelle, we are determined to encourage growth and advance knowledge, all while building a community that is inspired to believe in their own magic, support one another, and be open to change. 


  • Ensuring underrepresented and marginalized groups have access to this learning opportunity through our Scholarship Program and all members of the Alumni community feel supported. 


  • Since BasketBelle is an online-based platform, we will continue to strive to make all touch points accessible and be mindful of the language we use. 
  • We recognize that currently, our program carries some accessibility barriers which we hope to improve upon in the future. 

Continuing Education: 

  • This is a space where we are dedicated to not only provide expanded learning but to continue to make it a priority to learn ourselves. We value gaining new transferable skills and tapping into creativity all while stimulating a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Growth Mindset:

  • We recognize that the work required to complete this learning can be both challenging and exhilarating. However, one of our most fundamental beliefs is that through hard work, dedication and a positive attitude, we all have the ability to tap into our growth mindset—enabling us to achieve our goals, stay motivated and reach new levels of success.