Hug and Kiss Card

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WARNING: People [with no sense of humour] may find these cards offensive! //Hug and Kiss Cards is an Indigenous-owned stationery company that makes greeting cards that are raunchy, rude, and ridiculously funny. All their products are made in Canada!
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All the cards are created on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Stó:lō First Nations.

Descriptions are in chronological order with photos shown.


Front:Congrats on your new place.

Inside: Are you sure you can afford it?


Front: You have a beautiful new home.

Inside: But your furniture sucks


Front: You got a new house?

Inside: I'm not helping you move.


Front: What a beautiful new home.

Inside: Sure beats the dump that I'm living in.


Front: So you have a new home.

Inside: That's good. Your parents were getting sick of you


Front: It's great that you have a new home.

Inside: Your old place was a dump.


Front: What a great house.

Inside: Too bad you won't own it for 30 years.


Front: Let's go celebrate.

Inside: I'll get the hookers. You get the blow.



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