Moss Art Workshop

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✨Lush Moss Designs Co ✨May 25th, 2024, 2pm-4pm | Only 12 spots available | Make your own moss art design in two 6” hexagon wooden frames. Come on your own or invite a loved one and enjoy an afternoon of designing and creating art from the earth!
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Bringing Nature into your home and reconnecting you with the natural world.

Beautifully handcrafted Moss Art founded on the love of Lush Mother Nature and all things Earth.

Each frame is designed with real sustainably sourced moss and plants, now preserved. Each unique design will require zero watering, trimming, or sunlight. Moss walls serve as a bridge between nature and indoor spaces, offering a serene ambiance, improved air quality, and a touch of luxury. Enjoy the many beautiful benefits of the outdoors without the maintenance.

Offering custom designed moss art as well as delivery and installation services on any scale.

Meet Brooke You're Moss Artist

Founded on a love of Artistry and Nature.

Growing up on a small island off the coast of Virginia, it was instilled in me to have a love for all things Earth. I thrived off running outside barefoot and grounding myself with the dirt, moss, and sand below me. It is a feeling that gives me peace and a sense of healing and calmness.

Now as a mother of 3, wife of 12 years, and living in a big city in Canada, its something so important that I want to share with my family, friends and everyone around me.

I was inspired to share the beauty of nature through my first passion of art, and with an interior design background, I found it soothing and accomplishing to create preserved moss and plant artworks for all to enjoy the aesthetic and healing properties of the Earth.

While working in my studio on custom creations I can feel a deep immersion into Mother Nature and I love being able to share that joy of lush, wild plant art with you.

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