Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail Infusion Kit

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Raise a glass with the one(s) you love! it’s time to celebrate the things that make life a little bit sweeter.
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Bring the love to your next cocktail with our delicious infusion of raspberries, pineapple and hibiscus infused sugar. cheers to the good life!

Getting started by filling your jar with your spirit of choice. Refrigerate for 3 days.  Shake well and strain liquid back into the jar. Craft your cocktail using one of their recipes or make up your own!

Ingredients: raspberry, pineapple, oranges, hibiscus, sugar.

Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail Infusion Jar include a 500 ml glass mason jar with infusion ready ingredients. Makes 8+ servings. Dry mix has a shelf life of 1 year. Alcohol not included.

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